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Free iPad App

The Yoga by Numbers App features free, full-length yoga classes in a variety of styles and lengths. Looking for 20 minutes of restorative yoga? We have you covered. Want 40 minutes of power? We've got that, too. Are you a beginner just interested in seeing what yoga and Yoga by Numbers are all about? Check out our dictionary and tutorials to learn about the practice and how Yoga by Numbers is making it more accessible. Our app allows you to customize when, where, and how you practice, and even set your own savasana length! 

 New Videos Coming to YouTube

While our iPad app features all of our content (and allows for the type of customization only an app can offer), we want to be sure everyone has access to Yoga by Numbers. That is why we are also beginning to build a library of free content on our YouTube Channel

 Includes Free DVD

All Yoga by Numbers mats continue to ship free with our DVD, 10 Sessions to Yoga, which teaches the mechanics of 30 foundational yoga poses.

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