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Eliminates Barriers for Beginners

Yoga by Numbers was designed with beginners in mind. Oftentimes, beginners face obstacles to practicing yoga. Sometimes it is because they work long hours and are not accommodated by studio schedules; others live far away from the nearest studio; some cannot afford expensive regular classes; and some people simply prefer the privacy of practicing at home on their own schedule. Yoga by Numbers was created with all of these people in mind. 

Use at Home and in Studios and Gyms

YbN can serve as a stand alone practice for people who prefer not to practice in studios, or it can augment a studio practice by allowing people to practice from home on days they cannot make it to a live class. Our system is uniquely suited to beginners because it teaches students to recognize correct positioning and alignment on their own, but it is designed to grow with you. Even experienced yoga teachers tell us they love using the mat in their own practice to improve symmetry, check alignment, and track increases in flexibility. 

What Makes Us Different

What differentiates the YbN mat and videos from other videos designed for beginners is our proprietary numbers and gridlines pattern. A beginner student following along with a traditional yoga video can only mimic the positioning they see onscreen. This can be problematic because they are watching and imitiating an expert. With our system, the student uses the mat to confirm they are correctly and safely positioned in poses, whether in Yoga by Numbers classes or when taking their YbN mat to a studio class! YbN gives new students the confidence they need to begin a safe, consistent yoga practice, and to learn the fundamentals of correct alignment rather than simply how to mimic instructors.

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