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How YbN Works

YbN mats do more than just help you maintain your footing with the amazing grip you can only get from natural rubber: the numbered targets and gridlines teach you to correct your own positioning and alignment in poses and customize your practice. YbN mats are 25% larger than standard mats, and are made in the USA of natural rubber. That means they are good for you, good for the economy, and good for the environment. We call that a triple win.

Learn the Fine Points of Poses

Each mat comes with a free DVD to give you a detailed look at the 30 foundational poses upon which an advanced practice is built. The DVD also includes our orientation video, which teaches you how to measure the width of your hips and shoulders, and how to modify instructions for your unique combination of height and flexibility.
Learn the Fine Points of Poses
Our Free App and YouTube Channel Bring You Beyond the Basics

Our Free App and YouTube Channel Bring You Beyond the Basics

Once you've perfected your alignment and understand foundational poses, you're ready to move on to our full length classes. Our free iPad app is available to download in the App Store, and offers classes ranging from gentle flow to power yoga. We also devote attention to breathing exercises and mindfulness practices, as the physical practice is only one of the eight limbs of yoga.

How It Works


Use your YbN mat and introductory DVD to learn how to independently correct your positioning and alignment in asana. Try bringing your mat to a studio and experiencing both individual and group learning!

Videos and App

Download our free iPad app to access full length classes, breath work, and mindfulness practices, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for selected content.


Develop a personalized yoga routine that fits your lifestyle, accommodates your budget and schedule, and allows you to practice consistently and conveniently.
Janet Lark, Yoga Teacher
As an experienced yoga teacher I went in search of a really high quality mat and found Yoga by Numbers. I use it in my own practice and in classes I teach. It is perfect to help a beginner with foot and hand placement, to add another inch or more stretch for the more advanced student, and even helps me as a teacher to line up correctly! I have used this mat daily for almost two years and it shows no wear at all. This is best yoga mat I have ever owned.

– Janet Lark, Yoga Teacher

Alex Westlund, Professional Hockey Player
The Yoga by Numbers mat is the best mat I have ever used. The quality and stickiness of the mat itself, combined with the number cues in the videos has been the most effective way for me to get comfortable with yoga poses. Plus, being able to constantly check my alignment and positioning with a quick glance has helped me improve much faster than I did before.

– Alex Westlund, Professional Hockey Player